god bless america to you too ma'am
the names kelli. read the about me for more info on myself or whatever. be prepared for more personal text posts than necessary.

my opinion on durarara!!: not enough shizuo too much everyone else
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heuristicallyprogrammed said: I feel the same way. I’ve never done up my hair beyond a few times in my pretty much my whole life, and it’s a little upsetting when most all you see is perfect. Definitely a blow to my ego. Representation in media is important for everything.

yeah man especially in shows that take place in high school and whatnot
like can we have days where the girl character has less than perfect hair (where it is NOT a running joke holy shit i hate that)

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its not generally a thing that people complain about but the amount of girl characters that actually stick w/ their natural hair is kind of disheartening (their natural hair not being pin straight and perfect)

like i get that the style nowadays is to straighten and curl it and thats perfectly fine but the only reason i wear my hair natural is bc i saw how totally cool hermione was with her curled frizzy mess of hair
and if i really needed to see straight hair or ‘perfect’ curls i could just walk outside

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Imagine your icon attempting to play frisbee with you and accidentally knocking you out instead.

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I was supposed to be doing an essay but I ended up drawing kissing teen!Imaax and then I wrote a one-shot about the drawing and basically I’m just a terrible student so

the fanfic’s under the readmore (it’s p short)

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Trying a new style and it hurts.
Isaac, what even is your hair?
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