the names kelli. this actually just turned into a paranatural and red vs blue blog. idk. read the about me i guess.


Antione is a given french name that means beyond praise or highly praise worthy
is this a joke bitters? is this a fUCKING JOKE

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we have gathered today to mourn the death of a hella bootymay it rest in p(ieces)eace
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entire school district: all high school sports practices are cancelled because of the 102 degree heat
cross country coach: lol no
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yep bye im out that was nOT what i expected 

i wonder if ill ever get used to racing
been doing it for a year and i still feel sick to my stomach b4hand. once i start running im fine but i swear imma get a heart attack from this shit




Mr. Spender confirmed for innie, in your face everyone who thought he was an outie
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