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the names kelli. this actually just turned into a paranatural and red vs blue blog. idk. read the about me i guess.
baby: m-mm ma... m
magneto: mommy?
baby: mutant supremacy
magneto: good
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You become what you think about all day long.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson (via ohdreaming)

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It is so frustrating when i see people hating on math and justifying it by saying ’another day has passed and i have not used algebra or trig’. Did you use your phone? the internet? played a video game? well here’s some news for ya .. all those things exist because of MATH. The amount of math these things use is insane .. 3D visualisation, linear algebra, game theory these are important things. You might not make use of math directly but everything that makes your life easy owes its existence to math.
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Straight haired person: Just comb it!
Curly haired person:
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This is my favorite anime. I think America just made the biggest fuck up in the anime world ever by dubbing K. This sucks. This is why I wish I didn’t speak English. Kill me now before people begin to bash the anime. My otaku soul is weeping for humanity.
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Stephanie Brown.
Pulled this little cutie out of my archives for a batman gallery show this weekend.
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